Sprouts - the elixir of life

What are sprouts and what are shoots?

Sprouts are seeds whose seedlings have just appeared in their first stage of germination. They are the cleanest and easy to digest raw food; a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes.

What are the benefits?

Sprouts have always been a popular nutritional food for many diet conscious people around the globe. They contain fewer calories compared to other snacks and are excellent sources of vitamin K, C, fiber, digestive enzymes and other essential minerals. Most of us are always skeptical about sprouts, as we still have no exact idea about the good and bad effects of sprouts. Recent surveys say that Sprouts have essential therapeutic benefits and have the ability to protect us from diseases.

They also:

  • Normalize metabolism
  • Stabilize all body systems: nervous, lymphatic, cardiovascular, digestive and etc.
  • Increase the oxygen levels in blood
  • Help the body eliminate excessive cholesterol, dead cells and toxins
  • Improve the muscle elasticity and joints mobility
  • Help you achieve longevity

No wonder they are always part of the diet of rich people and celebrities as they know that healthy food makes us younger and keeps the body in a good shape.

Where can I find sprouts?

They can be found in any large supermarket today. However, commercially grown sprouts never see the sunlight - they grow under artificial lights and conditions. They might look good, but are far from making you healthy. Best way is to grow them at home.

Sprouts require attention. They like little moisture and much air. As they grow, they give release wastes and heat, so cleaning and ventilation is needed. Many people grow them in jars or boxes, but it creates the opposite environment - too much humidity and very little air. In this environment invisible but highly toxic microbes and mould may develop.

However, we want something healthy, right?

The idea to make healthy and cheap food available for all people (not just the rich and celebrities) made me look for a cheap and universal way to do it. After many trials and errors, I came out with a sprouter which automatically airs, wents, heats and rinses the seeds and removes the dirty water. Today, my automatic sprouter is a reality and I have assembled and sold over 2000 pieces with excellent feedback from customers.

What can be sprouted?

Any type of seeds - sunflower seeds, peas, soya beans, alfalfa, lentils, wheat, rye, chickpeas, buckwheats, etc. Then you can add them to your salad, in your food, in your sandwich, eat them straight away or juice them. Wheat and broccoli sprouts are known for having anti-cancer and anti-aging benefits.
Nowadays, when food is full of nitrates, preservatives, chemicals and GMO, the cheapest and safest way is to grow it yourself.

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The table top home sprouter was developed in respond of the growing demand for organic health food. It empowers the individual to maintain a high potency immune system, by providing natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes that no other food or artificial supplements can rival. Here are few reasons for our unique sprouting technology:


Seeds generate chemical heat during germination and need to be cooled to avoid mold and rotting. The Mikroferma sprouter uses a precise electronic control which mixes mist and oxygen in optimal values for excellent growing conditions of the seeds. Sprouts require little water but abundant amounts of oxygen. Other sprouting methods supply plenty of water yet only provide natural air displacement.


Inhibitors in seeds are the natural defense mechanism of seeds acting as a deterrent for germs and bugs. Some sprouters re-circulate the same water! Your sprouts are then irrigated with water containing toxins and inhibitors, defeating the concept of using clean, good water for your sprouts. Bearing in mind that sprouts are made of 80% water, using clean water makes sense. The Mikroferma sprouter drains all used water out of the machine.


Managing and controlling automatically the humidity within the machine is critical to the sturdiness of the sprouts. The Mikroferma sprouter features an electronic programmable timer and mist level control, allowing the grower to fine-tune the machine to his/her specific environmental conditions.


Seeds germinated in conventional sprouting methods such as jars, bags, trays etc. need to be MANUALLY rinsed 3 to 6 times a day. Mikroferma rinses automatically as many times as needed a day during the complete growing cycle.


Conventional sprouters require a pre-soaking operation of 8 hours up to 24 hours, before commencing the propagation of the seed. The Mikroferma sprouter requires NO pre-soaking. Seeds are placed in the tray DRY and the machine takes over, soaking, rinsing, misting, oxygenating and draining automatically. Thus saving you an extra day of pre-soaking and the manual handling of the repeat daily rinsing.


The precise moisturising , heating and airing controlled by electronic module assure quickest harvest. 15% to 40% quicker then any sprouting method.


Some growers prefer to use soil for some crops such as wheatgrass or sunflower greens. With Mikroferma you may use both concepts! With no damage to the machine or crops.


Mikroferma is the only sprouter in the world that allows growing of both greens and mushrooms.


Mikroferma is stackable - it can control up to 3 containers one over the other. Each additional one costs as little as $40 and doubles the growing capacity!